How to Remove Inactive Facebook Friends in 2018

Want to know How to Remove Inactive Facebook Friends. You are in the right place.

Facebook is no doubt is become a habit. I can’t imagine my life without Facebook. In Facebook as all know that you can like other stuff appreciated them for their work.

But one of the frustrating moment comes when you add many inactive friends in your account. They only want to be added to your friend list. Not interested in your Facebook updates no messages no likes.

I know peoples are busy and can’t like other stuff. But Facebook has the limit of 5000 friends. You cannot add more than 5000 friends. Then the only option is to Remove Inactive Facebook Friends and let’s add new active friends.

In Facebook, you can unfriend friends but this is a time-consuming process. In this post, I ‘ll tell you a secret how you can Remove Inactive Facebook Friends or old friends from your account in just one click.

I see many posts about this and they want you to add their code script but don’t because this is risky and chances high that your Facebook ll hacked.

Let’s Start this tutorial (How to Remove Inactive Facebook Friends):

How to Remove Inactive Facebook Friends



  1. Chrome browser.
  2.  Install this extension. ( Friend Remover PRO ).

What is this app:

Friend Remover PRO extension is found by The app is used for Remove Inactive Facebook Friends with just one click. One of the easiest way to remove friends.

Well don,t think that you ‘ll see a box label of inactive friends. This app is used for just select and delete.

Login in Facebook:

Very first thing you need is to log in to your facebook account because later you have to authorize this app with your account. Because you have make this app to scan your id and find your friends.

Install the Extension:

Are you using chrome browser then install chrome extension (link is above)? Open the link and click add to the chrome like the image below.


You ‘ll notice a new icon in in the top right corner of your browser. Just click on it then I hope you are logged in your facebook account. Now you are on the page where you just need to select those friends which you think is not active and you don’t know about them. Select them and click the Remove friends button. See images below.


Congrats on Remove Inactive Facebook Friends and unknown friends from your facebook. I recommended you to check your account every month or week with this app. If your id is public then accept after proper review and if your id is personal then don’t accept unknown peoples for security reasons. This tutorial is for them who know publicly and bloggers who accept any request because they want new followers and friends like me also.

This tutorial is for them who accept any request because they want new followers and friends like me also.

I hope you like this tutorial and if you can please share with your friends and help them to remove unknown peoples from their account.

Stay Safe and stay active.


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7 thoughts on “How to Remove Inactive Facebook Friends in 2018

  1. It doesn’t work. FB states I have 136 friends. 3 are inactive – Friend Remover Pro only shows 133 friends the number of active friends. It does not show inactive friends.

    I also becomes ridiculous trying to identify inactive friends – if I could see them using this extension then I probably could. Someone with 500, a 1000 or 5000 – could not.

    A real flaw in FB an organisation that makes noises about control of privacy but has a fundamental flaw, which like the majority of security issues that has a designed purpose misused by others.

  2. I got inactivated hidden friends in my facebook friend list , i con onley se it with,
    super viewer for facebook bot i can remove thoes hidden friends with help of
    Friend Remover PRO – Delete All Friends 2017.
    i think im am hacked by facebook or hacker?

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