Meet these 10 Young Bloggers from India who are Growing Fast

In my previous post, I published about Top Teenage bloggers from Pakistan. Now I am here presenting top teenage bloggers from India our neighbor country.

Blogging is becoming viral especially in teens of every world and nowadays they are becoming very popular and earning a very handsome amount.

10 Young Bloggers from India

Meet these 10 Young Bloggers from India who are Growing Fast

(1) Rohan Chaubey:

Rohan Chaubey

Rohan is often called as relationship strategist, social media enthusiast, programming geek and a young blogger with the penchant for personal development. The author of the book ‘Make People Wants You’ which is launching soon. The book aims to provide real, raw, controversial and untold strategies to get opportunities come to you.” Blog Link: Rohanchaubey


Youngest Blogger to be listed/awarded among the “Top 10 most inspiring men bloggers”. Youngest Indian blogger to work with Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai at STCNetwork which is Pakistan’s first ever registered company of professional bloggers. Social media consultant to Mumbai-based startups.

(2) Atman Shah:

Atman Shah

This is Atman. Aspiring Blogger, Programmer in making and Networking Engineer. An active part of many communities and love helping people reach new heights with their blogs. Young Star at BlogX Conference. Also, possess five world records in Networking. A Cisco-Certified-Networking-Engineer.

(3) Sreenath M:

Sreenath M

Sreenath Mukundan is the CEO and Founder of Techintor. He is a passionate blogger, SEO Expert and Web Developer from Kerala, India. He started blogging on 2011 and currently managing,and some other niche blogs too. From 2016 he started doing event blogging also.

(4) Anmol Singhi:

Anmol Singhi

Anmol is the student of engineering (By mistake – he usually say this thing) and he is doing freelance content writing and blogging since last 2 years. He started blogging in passion now he wants to turn it into his profession. On his blog( Anmol Singhi ), he shares posts about blogging, SEO, WordPress and Online money making tips. With his blog, he is helping a lot of newbie bloggers who are struggling for their success. He also started a facebook for sharing tips with the name Let’s do Blogging.

(5) Mihir Gadhvi:

Mihir Gadhvi

Mihir is a co-founder of 3Nions a blog which talks about WordPress,SEO,android it stores simple solutions for complex issue .3nions is the team of 3 bloggers (satyansh), (prakhar) and (Mihir).

He started 3nions in January 2016. And getting success day by day.

(6) Achintam Karmakar:

Achintam Karmakar

Achintam is a student and reads in class 9. He is just 16 and jumped into blogging 5-6months ago. Till then he has learned a lot. He started blogging as a hobby, and now the throughflow is different, he is considering blogging as his career. He works in mainly micro niche and event blog. Apart from that he also has bloggershark where he shares ideas related to SEO, internet marketing, Reviews, and Interviews. Thou branding is not his primary focus presently still kept bloggershark as a front page of his blogging career where he shares excellent ideas whenever he gets time.

(7) Kabir Satwani:

Kabir Satwani

Kabir is a regular school student who loves to play with his computer. Apart from that, he is a blogger, and he spends his most of the free time in blogging. He is a specialist at writing content, managing site’s SEO and managing a server. Apart from that, he has a keen interest in Android developing and looking forward to pursue it as his profession.

(8) Sai Kiran:


Sai Kiran is a part time Blogger,Investor,Author,Speaker,Building 6* Million Dollar Biz and he blogs at Snapmeloud which is one of the Popular blog in India.

Computers and Technology have been his passion since he was a child after a lot of Research on various blogs and Experiments. He started this Blog to Share my knowledge and Simplifying Technology.SnapMeLoud is all about the Technology and its cool stuff’s as said and this is his first blog on Technology.

(9) Ahfaz Ahmed:

Ahfaz Ahmed

Ahfaz Ahmed is a blogger and Internet Marketer who loves to test out different growth and marketing strategies. He implements these strategies and shares the results on his blog Ahfaz Ahmed.

(10) Tushar Soni:

Tushar Soni

Tushar Soni is a blogger based out of Pune, India. His blog, CodingAlpha, is all about Programming and Technology which caters to students and teachers worldwide. He does not blog for making money. If you visit CodingAlpha, you will find that he has published so many programs that do not have huge searches.

He just wants to make his blog resourceful so that the visitor finds all the programming codes at one place. Tushar believes that the quality of the articles can get good rankings. He gets almost 40,000 hits a month and is soon going to increase. Apart from blogging, he is also passionate about Web development.

(11) Gagan Kamboj:

Gagan Kamboj

Gagan Kamboj is the passionate blogger, creative content writer, and founder of multi-niche blog Tricks Junction where he writes about technology, tips, and tricks, blogging and make money tips. He is keen to learn new things and implement them in real life. Very down to earth and kind person with good knowledge of an online field.

Trick junction is around three months old blog. In this short period of two months, he managed to increase his Alexa ranking below 1.5 lakh and getting 500+ visitors a day.

Even More:

(12) SY Abuzar:

SY Abuzar

SY Abuzar founder of Blog Rank SEO from Amravati, India. He is an online Marketer, Blogger and Affiliate marketer. He is also a proud Mechanical Engineer and currently studying The Inspection Engineering. Engineering and blogging are his first and second love respectively. He’s a well experienced digital marker, blogger and affiliate marketer.

(13) Nayan Kariya:

Nayan Kariya

Nayan Kariya is passionate blogger from India. He blogs at TechiesBlogPoint where he writes on various topics such as WordPress, Blogging, How to Make Money Online, SEO. Nayan is an engineering student and blogger. In the initial stage of blogging, he has faced many problems like how to setup blog, how to make money with it etc. But then with the time, Nayan learned a lot. At present, Nayan is providing various services to other bloggers like Blog Creation, Blog Setup, and Content Writing etc. He believes that relationship with a fellow blogger is everything in blogging. He would like to help a newbie to make blogs and earn through them.

(14) Mahezabin Malida:

Mahezabin Malida is a founder of TechiesBlogPoint. She started blogging 1 year back in December 2015. Writes about WordPress, Blogging, SEO, How to make money online etc on her blog. Also providing various services like Blog creation, Blog Setup, and Content Creation. Self-motivated person who likes to help other newbies with her blogs. She strongly believes that one can be self-dependent via blogging. She is aspiring female blogger from the India.

Final Words:

So these are the youngest bloggers I know from India, and they are getting success every day and making their country proud in the online field. I must say that blogging is very interesting industry and if you follow right path then no one can beat you and defeat you from success.

Well, I hope these bloggers get more success and one day we all know them like a pro blogger.


Happy Blogging:

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Ali Raza says October 29, 2016

Im familiar with half of the faces but good luck to everyone with their journey’s!

Achintam Karmakar says October 29, 2016

Hey Malik, thanks for thinking me capable to feature in the list of top ten teenage blogger from india.
Your are really doing a great job man! Keep up!✌

Achintam Karmakar.

Philip V Ariel says October 29, 2016

Hi Malik,
Wonderful list of young bloggers.
No doubt these are some of the upcoming young ones from the land of India.
Nice that you brought out these talented ones on your page. I appreciate it.
Except Rohan, Atman, Sreenath and Nayan rest all are unknown to me.
Will surely check their pages later today.
Thanks Malik for sharing a bit about these budding stars!
May their tribe increase!
Our Good Wishes to all of them.
Keep Sharing.
Best Regards
~ Philip

gagan says October 29, 2016

Thanks bro For Featuring me in Your List.

Sanstone Ackerman says October 30, 2016

What’s the name of the Newsletter widget tho?

Erika Mohssen-Beyk says October 30, 2016

Great to see all these talented young bloggers of India here.
Wishing all of you success in your blogger carrier 🙂
Happy Diwali 🙂

Kimsea Sok says October 30, 2016

Hey, Malik!
I have lots of bloggers from Indian. Those people are making the world full of surprise. I’ve visited some of the bloggers who listed above. Yeah. they’re almost incredible.

Malik, thanks for sharing.

Sai Kiran says October 30, 2016

Well Thanks for featuring me on your blog bro, and also the write up is well styled and looks simple where anyone can grab the information which is hidden inside this blog post.
thanks once again


Ravi Sharma says October 30, 2016

Thank you so much bro for sharing this wonderful article .
happy to see my friend sreenath here.

Pavitra Kumar says November 2, 2016

Hello Malik Sharjeel 🙂

This is great putting the list of young bloggers to follow. I am very much veruy much interested.
The list is awesome and useful. i am one of the biggest fan Ahfaz Ahmed, Nayan Kariya, Mihir Gadhvi Regularly. i am following those blogs for new trends and useful information on wordpress, technology and blogging tools. Recently i found your blog. i am learning very useful information from here. 🙂 I am very happy to seen your blog i will come soon. Thanks a lot.

Thanks for sharing 🙂 Wishing you all luck!!

Free Recharge says November 27, 2016

Really amazing post for newbie. You site is awesome

Mihir Gadhvi says November 27, 2016

Thanks for featuring me among the growing blogger’s in India

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