Best Security Guide Ever For Your WordPress Blog

Since WordPress is a self-hosted then you and your hosting company are responsible for WordPress Blog Security. In this post, I am going to teach you how you can secure your WordPress blog from hackers with the help of some tweaks and plugins.

Ok Lets Start

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Best Security Guide Ever For Your WordPress Blog

1 : Choosing Hosting Wisely :

Very first thing you need to choose best and reliable hosting for your blog.  I recommended you to go with Bluehost one of the best company so far with all features you need. Like Support,C panel etc. My All Blogs is Hosted on Bluehost.

Blue is also recommended by WordPress and many top bloggers from worldwide. There are many others best-hosting company’s for your blog if you cant afford Bluehost. Here are the links to other hosting companies for your blog (HostGator) (Inmotion). These are the best companies for your blogs.

2: Keep Your WordPress Updated:

Its recommended that whenever WordPress release updates just go and update. Why because WordPress improve his security and permanence in updates. So hackers don’t know about it and your blog ll not compromised and Hacked.

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3: Choosing Themes and plugins:

Think ten times before applying themes or plugins on your blog. I recommended you to spend some bucks and buy a premium theme for your blog instead of free themes. Chances high that free themes can contain some virus code or hacker codes. The Internet is full of mulled themes and plugins but doesn’t go with them.

Choose premium theme because theme comes with support and not include any bad codes.

4: Make Your Password Strong:

I know for newbies remembering password is the very difficult task but nowadays hackers are so smart they attempt to recognize your passwords with many software’s and bots. Let me give you a tip whenever you set password, for example, your password is (newbie555). Its easy to hack so add some characters like ($$newbie555$$##) that’ a strong password. Its take unlimited years to recognize your pass.

5: Change Default Username:

Now thanks to hosting companies and WordPress for taking action to change this things. In old days if you install then your username and password is admin so its easy for hacker to hack your blog with brutal force attacks.

Install WordPress software in your hosting carefully likes set the custom password and username for your blog if you see that your pass and username is the admin.

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6: Disable File Editing:

WordPress come with inbuilt file editing section like you can edit your  plugins and theme files from WordPress admin section. But it’s not good some can edit your files and themes and add virus code in it so for safety disable this how to see below.

Go to your hosting panel and open the wp-config-PHP file from your blog root folder then add below code.

// Disallow file edit
define( 'DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true );

Done your file editing is disabled no one can change your files code from WordPress dashboard.

7: Change WordPress database Table Prefix:

By default WordPress add the (wp-) name in your database tables and hackers can easily guess what your blog database table name. I recommended you to change it With Like (wp- 54444 etc ). How to see below.

Go to WordPress dashboard and click plugins and add a new plugin.

Install and activate  (DB Prefix) Plugin.

Got to plugin settings.

Enter existing prefix name then enter your new prefix name.

Done your database table name change successfully.

You can delete this plugin after this.

8: Add Security Question in your Admin log in Page.

If you add a security question to your admin login page then its make your WordPress blog more secure with an extra layer like no bots can access your blog admin. Only authorize members can log in your blog.

How to add security question see below.

First, you need to install and activate (WP Security Questions) Plugin.

After activation just visits his settings and configure as your requirements. Done

9: Make Backups:

I see many newbies who not cares about backups but what happen when your site get hacked or deleted. I recommended you to make the backup of your blog every month or 2 months. How There are many plugins out there like backup buddy vault press and nowadays hosting companies give free backup options so you can easy make backups.

Bonus Tips:

  1. Remove inactive users from your blog.
  2. Install security plugins like (All in one security).
  3. Always scan your blog after every week with virus plugins.
  4. Remove unused FTP accounts.
  5. Remove unused database tables with (Plugins Garbage Collector) plugin.
  6. Done


That its I hope you like this post and your WordPress blog is now more secured and no one can hack your blog easily. Any how again recommended you to check your blog every week or month for bad activity. This ll help you make your blog more secure.

Don’t forget to share this post with your other friends. And help them to secure their blogs.


Happy Blogging:

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Great article bro! I came to many things I din know before like disable file editing,database table prefix(mainly)…
Suggestion-use grammarly while drafting articles 🙂

Mudasir Yasin says October 18, 2016

Very nice and well defined tips for improve the WordPress Security, I like the ” Disable File Editing ” Option, because its new for me.

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