How To Create A Self Hosted WordPress Blog (Step by Step)

In this modern time, everyone has a dream to being the owner of a blog or a website. With the help of blog or website, you can share your valuable knowledge with others and the world.

Also, you can earn a handsome amount with blogging.

In this post, I am going to tell you that how you can make a self-hosted WordPress blog.

There are many platforms where you can start your blogging journey. Only two platforms are very popular. One is a blogger (owned by Google) and second is WordPress.

I hope you like my previous post about how you can make the blog on blogger.

Anyhow, Blogger is a free platform. Where you can create a simple blog but if you have a proper CSS and HTML knowledge the blogger is an awesome platform.

But if you do not have a good understanding of CSS and HTML then WordPress come to rescue. WordPress have two versions one is free ( and second is self-hosted ( work same as the blogger like free hosting and limited work. But give you full control to your blog.

So let start this tutorial on how you can make a WordPress self-hosted blog.

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The first thing you need is a reliable and safe hosting. Where you can host your blog like files etc.

There are many popular hosting companies out there, but my favorite is Bluehost.

One of the best hosting company and also recommend by WordPress.

Bluehost Prices:

Bluehost Plans

I recommend you to buy Plus plan.

Install WordPress

When you complete your buying process then login in your Bluehost account.

Bluehost Cpanel

After login, your account dashboard scrolls down in website section click one quick click install then click WordPress icon.

Click Start Installing Process.

WordPress Installation

Select your domain where you want to install WordPress.

WordPress Installation

Enter your blog details.

WordPress Installation

Wait for few seconds for proper installation.

WordPress Installation

WordPress Installation

Done your WordPress is installed on your hosting.


WordPress Dashboard:

Now you need to login into your WordPress dashboard. Usually, your login link looks like this. (

Enter your login details you provided in the installation process and click log in.

Here is your WordPress dashboard. Where you can control your blog.

WordPress Dashboard

congratulations on your new WordPress blog.

Themes Setup:

Now you need to setup a beautiful theme for your blog.

WordPress give you some beautiful free themes.

In sidebar click appearance and click themes.

Now you are in the themes section.

Select the one you like for your blog. Click on it first preview that how this theme looks in your blog then click install and activate.

Great your blog is in a new shape. You can customize your theme to your desire. Click appearance again and click customize and do setup easy.

Well if your want to give your blog a professional look then your need to buy and premium or professional themes. There are many providers for this, but I love Mythemeshop Themes. Well designed, Well coded and most important well optimized for search engines.

Install Plugins:

Now you need to install some recommended plugins for your blog to grow. I already published the post about this (Top List of Recommended WordPress Plugins for Every WordPress Blog). Do read and install and setup them.

Add your first Post:

In sidebar click posts and click add new post.

I recommended you always write post which your readers love to read and share. After you done click publish or if you want to sheduled then enter your date and time. WordPress automatically publish for you.

Done you just posted your first post on your blog.

Final Words:

Well first of all welcome to wordpress bloggers world. I hope you like this post and created a blog of your dream. Well now you need to publish some awesome and intersting posts for your readers.

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Always give 1 or 2 hours to your blog daily. Post everyday if you can or post once a week to make blog to grow.

Lastely share this with your friend and tell them that how i make my blog 🙂

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