Why do new bloggers fail in Blogging? Experts Revealed

HI Readers I am back with another awesome roundup post. My first roundup is about 15+ Experts Revealed Best guide and Tips for Beginners is quite awesome. And this time I ask another question to experts.

Why do new bloggers fail in Blogging and what your suggestions and tips for them?

Getting success in blogging is one of most challenging task for every so I approach some experts I know and ask this question.

I get many excellent answers, and I hope you ‘ll also get benefits and never do these things if you want to get success in blogging.

Let’s read answers.

Why do new bloggers fail in Blogging?


Question: Why do new bloggers fail in Blogging and what your suggestions and tips for them?

1: Ali Raza

Ali Raza From Aliraza.co

Ali Raza

The only reason new bloggers fail in blogging is a lack of consistency and motivation. I feel they need to be consistent with what they do and eventually two things will happen :

  1. People will start liking or taking interest in what they are writing.
  2. They will continue to improve, the more you write, the more you will grow, the more you will critique yourself and will realize the mistakes you were doing before.

So the only tip or suggestion from my side keeps on doing the good work, regardless of how much small audience they have.. just keep on doing, keep on writing.. success will happen eventually! Good luck.

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2. Lorraine Reguly

Lorraine Reguly

Lorraine Reguly

New bloggers fail for many reasons.

Basically, most new bloggers fail due to a lack of understanding. They don’t understand that it takes a time to learn all the aspects of blogging. They don’t know that it takes a time to grow an audience.

They don’t understand that it takes a time to implement all the new things they learn. (I have been blogging for almost four years and I am still learning new things each week!) By asking questions, persevering, and taking one step at a time, they have a better chance of being successful. There is A LOT of blogging. Blogging involves more than just writing something and sharing it on social media.

It involves MORE THAN the 15 things mentioned in Point #3 of the post 5 Things New Bloggers Need to Know.

My best advice for new bloggers is to find a mentor or a hire a coach that will work with them one-on-one. Doing this will allow them to fast-track their success! (See Option 3 on my services page for more information about this!)

New bloggers should instead focus on mastering the other aspects of blogging that Google has no control over. These things include knowing about what to include in each blog post,

You can find these things in my e-book, 20 Blog Post Must-Haves.

Click this link to get this e-book FOR FREE!


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03. Anmol Singhi

Anmol Singhi

Anmol Singhi

Why new bloggers fail? In a nutshell, if you want me to answer this question then I will say, “Lack of experience”. Let me explain this with my own example. I started my serious blogging journey 5 months ago.

Here are the things that I have not done before starting:

  1. I was unaware of the point how to start.
  2. I was confused with platform which I launch my blog either on WordPress or Blogger or any other.
  3. Lack of proper planning let me put that blog on hold.
  4. I didn’t choose the audience to whom I want to target.
  5. I focused on creating content rather than promoting a piece of content that I already published.
  6. Few things I did to improve my content but that’s also wrong methods that I followed.
  7. Lack of marketing skills.
  8. Making money from blogging is the game of my left hand. Haha, this was my worst mistake.

If someone else who started blogging just for money, might have left in between. My love and passion for writing that I am still hustling in this high competitive field. These are things that every newbie blogger (including me) don’t understand at the time they land into blogging journey.

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06. Tushar Soni

Tushar Soni

Tushar Soni

The new entrants into Blogging industry don’t focus much on the learning aspect. All they want is ‘Money’ and ‘Fame’. They do not realize the fact that these two things are the bi-product of hard work. I have seen a few bloggers who do false self-promotion saying that they earn ‘X’ amount which is actually not the case. “Just focus on your work and let the money flow. You need not show it to the world.”

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07. Shahzad Brohi

Shahzad Brohi

Shahzad Brohi

I started blogging for earn, to be honest, that’s why failed. I thought I will directly start blogging earning start from next day. newbies always think the same. blogging is the name of passion.

I started blogging 4 to 5 years before in blogger. then fed up. then again launch the new website but still failed because of less knowledge and resources are not available that time. then 2 years before I bought the domain and hosting Tutorialszilla and start the WordPress website and to be honest it was the best experience with it.
I got subscribers on YouTube and my website too. But again it was 3-month hosting then expired. But still not give up. Now again I have started Tutorialszilla will launch it in few days.
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08. Mihir Gadhvi

Mihir Gadhvi

Mihir Gadhvi

Every newbie tries to do all the stuff at first shot.

Firstly they should write quality content at least 10-15 post before starting their blog; they should connect with other blogger and see what extra they can do what other are missing.

Blogging is simple but not easy you have written good content, Optimize it , learning .share your content and build your blog as a platform all learner and reader so keep onlearning.

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09. Nasir Piya


Nasir Piya

Well, this is important to look at the question, why new bloggers fail? So my answer in this regard: Many of newbie’s come to blogging field via seeing someone successful. The main thing

Many of newbie’s come to blogging field via seeing someone successful. The main thing attracts them is the luxury life a successful blogger lives. They don’t think of the back-end efforts of days and nights. So the point of concern here is the hard work. I think they don’t aim to be hard worker rather than a rich person. I don’t discourage them, but the thing is; have they enough determination to stay with their goals? Have they firm believes in themselves to be successful one day?

I’ve some tips for them in this aspect:

  1. Make a plan to work.
  2. Set goals and clear direction.
  3. Do their best, with firm believe?
  4. Trust of Allah, The Creator.

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10. Sai Kiran

Sai Kiran

Sai Kiran

well, you indeed asked a good question.
So, here I would like to answer this question by considering all the experts in the blogging industry.
Few points are :

  1. New bloggers fail in Blogging because they first target is to make money and so in this process, they do a lot of mistakes like copying content from other sites and placing unrelated ads etc.,
  2. They only target is to get rich quick and make huge mistakes which eventually cause they brand image damage.
  3. If they don’t see any success or making no money, they spread a negative talk about the web and also stop newbies to enter the world with they negative taught’s.
  4. Lack of creativity and personality is also one of the top reasons why new bloggers entirely.
  5. while thinking to get rich they even forget to make they site user and google friendly with SEO tweets which result in the massive penalty from google.


  1. Only use white hat methods to improve your blog. check this case study : (White Hat SEO Case Study)
  2. Use Seo Tools that help you to rank higher and rank better than your Competitors with keyword research. check this : (SEMrush Review – The Best SEO Tool for Competitor Analysis)
  3. Try using free Copyright images on your blog (mostly you can ignore this)
  4. Try learning some tricks and tips for other new bloggers and try to implement them on your site.
  5. Write quality and unique/original content.

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11. Shakir Hassan


Shakir Hassan

Well, there’s just like so many reasons why many bloggers are failed in Blogging. One of the reasons is, probably, they want to get most out of blogging in a short period of time without putting the required efforts. Blogging takes time even to pay you a single dollar. So if you’re one of those peoples who think blogging could reward you in a short period of time, then sorry to say, no – you can’t leverage blogging to make money in short amount of time.

As far as suggestion or tip, I’d say forget SEO, and start focusing on creating content that rocks the crowd. Make sure you’re having one firm goal in your mind that you want to achieve from your blog.

For instance, my goal is to grow my email list, and stay focused on it.

For many bloggers, beginners at least, eventually, traffic is everything, right? So just forget traffic even. Don’t sad if you don’t get fluids of traffic. Try to acquire at least 100 traffic from any source and try to convert those visitors. By converting, I mean, try to transform those 100 visitors into your email list. As you’ll grow up, you’ll be having thousands of audiences in your Email list, and you can imagine how much visitors you’ll be having from your list. Start focusing on building your Email list, from now.

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12. Kimsea Sok


Kimsea Sok

The single element that makes blogger failed or never makes money from blogging is they are expecting overnight success or fast income blogging. Hence, after months without earnings, they quite blogging.

The suggestion, the bloggers should come up with a vision of the career. They should hit themselves few questions: –

  • Why do they want to start blogging?
  • What do they want from blogging?
  • What exactly is their dream?
  • How your dream is important to you?

The next step is to convert the dream to the vision. Setup a long-term plan–a SMART plan (recommended 3 years), and convert it to yearly, monthly, and daily routines. Review your accomplishment and analyse what you’re missing then fix it and recycle the process. The most important are, keeping consistence.

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13. Paramjot Singh


Paramjot Singh

During last five years, Blogging has been flooded with youngsters because Nowadays, starting a blog is too easy for everyone due to many open resources like; Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Joomla, etc.

Anyone can start a Blog but taking it to the next level is a very tough task. Almost every newbie start a blog with the hope of making a huge amount of money, but it is not so easy as they think. 🙂

I remember that it’s taken me up to 9 months to make first 15 dollars from my blog.

Neil Patel is a successful SEO Blogger, but the success he got does not happen overnight. So, I only want to say that if you want to earn from your blog, you’ve to work hard day and night without thinking about money. 🙂

I already give a warning in one of my blog article (Warning! Blogging Is Not For You If You Haven’t These Qualities) to all newbies that “Blogging is not for you If you don’t have these qualities.”

So, Now, I’m going to discuss few reasons behind the failure of newbies.

  1. Patience and Persistent – Patience and Persistent are the most common quality of every professional blogger like me. Lol 😉

When you look at any successful blog that has a huge number of readers and subscribers, so always keep in mind that it did not happen in a day, It’s taken place due to their hard and smart work.

This is the biggest reason I found in my last 1+ year. Newbies don’t want to wait; he wants to be successful in a night. I feel sorry to say that you’ll never be a successful blogger in your whole life if you don’t have patience. 🙂

2. Hard Work – Never expect instant success, Do work hard like Brian Dean, Harsh Agarwal, Neil Patel, Mohammad Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai and many other respected Bloggers, I’m 100% sure; success will come itself to your door. 🙂

I would love to share a screenshot of my Facebook status that will explain how much hard work is hidden behind of a successful Blogger that failures don’t have.


3. Lack of Knowledge and Time – Do you know, Little knowledge is the biggest Fall?

So, I would recommend everyone first to do a study that which niche will be long-lasting for you and in which niche you’re interested. Find your interest and start your blog around it. 🙂

When you’ll ask any failed Blogger, Why you left Blogging? You’ll get almost all the answer in the same way that they did not have enough time to do Blogging.

So, first make a time-table and manage your time in a path so that you can spend minimum 2-3 hours a day to do Blogging.

4. Don’t Have Proper Plan and Rough Writing Skills – Did you read an interview of Subhash Choudhary? Do you know he made $2 million in his first year?

I only want to tell you that, he did not make $2 million without proper plans. Every big company has team leaders and workers because of the of the only one reason – they have big plans in mind, and they always work step by step according to their plans.

Just like those companies, Subhash Choudhary also has big action plans, and now you can see how much he has earned in his first year.

Almost every failed blogger did blogging without plans, and in the last result is zero.

Writing skill is a great weapon to attract readers. When you look any newbies’ blog, you’ll see long paragraphs in their posts. Long paragraphs can bore your readers.

Write short paragraphs, free from grammatical errors, add some visual content, and if possible then also write in a way, so they (Readers) will smile when they read your article. 🙂

5. – They Don’t Make Money and Give up Quickly – Yes, this is the biggest reason of failure, not only in Blogging industry instead every other trade.

Newbies always want to make money fast without doing the work in a way like I’ve mentioned above 4 points.

According to me, the only formula of success is = Don’t think about Money in first six months and Never Give Up. 🙂

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14. Muhammad Ahmad

Muhammad Ahmad

Muhammad Ahmad

Something that’s necessary for blogging is, take it as your passion. Most bloggers think to blog a money-making machine and start blogging blindly. Making money blogging takes time. In my view, the biggest mistake done these days is not following the trend. Follow the trend, keep hustling and you’ll get your reward soon!

Another thing!

Blogging can’t make you rich overnight. Blogging takes time, spend your time blogging, learning and implementing. One day, you’ll be able to cover up all the dreams 🙂

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15. Shubham Habib


Shubham Habib

Normally new bloggers who start their blog quits within few months. They do wrong things and expects good results from it.

Some common mistakes of new blogger and tips for them –

  1. Selecting the wrong niche : Most of the people choose their blog niche by seeing other blogger’s 6 digit income. It’s not wrong but you should only choose the niche in which you are passionate.
  2. Writing Low-quality content : Content is king – Bill Gates. Write informative and eye-catching articles. At least it should be of 700+ words. Use power words like Huge, amazing, instant, proven in your title, trust me it attracts clicks.
  3. Ignoring SEO : Content is King and SEO is queen. A king is nothing without its queen. SEO can bring huge, massive traffic to your blog and your excellent content. Most of the new bloggers disregard it and Google ignores your blog. Use SEO by Yoast Plugin to keep your Blog Post SEO ready.
  4. Some other reasons are neglecting keyword research and lack of patience.

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16. Ammar Ashfaq


Ammar Ashfaq

New bloggers when starting their main aim is to earn money. They apply for AdSense (Google Ads Company for making Money) and for rejected. Now they change their aim to AdSense approval.

Here’re the game starts,

They try to approve AdSense work tricks or by using blackhat even they start copyrighting and in this whole process, they do not get AdSense. Now they left blogging. This is my personal experience but by the grace of God and a good mentor I finally came to know AdSense is not everything and then I started making my blog good in user experience and at last I got AdSense.

My suggestions for them is to focus on competition, not AdSense.

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17. Himanshu Gupta


Himanshu Gupta

Newbie bloggers fail mostly for 3 reasons :

  1. Money – Most bloggers come into blogging to make money and with no love for blogging. This way when they don’t earn they quit blogging.
  2. Patience – Most newbie bloggers are very impatient. Blogging takes time, so if you are getting into blogging, please be patient.
  3. Choosing a broad niche- Blogging is very competitive. There are thousands of websites created each day. So it becomes almost impossible for a newbie blogger to get success with a broad niche.

So choose a micro niche.

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18. Janice Wald


Janice Wald

Patience is imperative when starting a blog. People believe they will be overnight sensations.

Then, when they aren’t, they get discouraged. Patience is definitely a marathon, not a sprint. Put in your time writing quality content and promoting your articles, and the rest will come.

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19. Minuca Elena


Minuca Elena

The most frequent reasons for which I see bloggers failing are:

  1. They don’t aren’t focused on a clear niche. If you are passionate about cooking, home decor, DIY crafts, fashion and raising your kids, it doesn’t mean that your readers care about the same topics. If you write about everything for everyone and you will attract none.
  2. Not innovative. They just copy the same ideas from top blogs. If you want to rank in Google, test things, do case studies, show results. Bloggers should teach people practical things that they can apply to get to the result they want.
  3. They don’t know how to monetize their blog.

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20. Dilip Sharma


Dilip Sharma

First of all, failing is compulsory for a newbie in blogging. We all fail at the initial level. I also failed. There is no shame in failing. Why do we fail at starting ?

When I entered in blogging, I got on mentor, no guide, no teacher. The only thing which was with me was Google and Facebook groups. We fail at starting we have no knowledge what’s going in the industry. Google also, CMS, SEO etc. terms sound new to us. So, we didn’t understand and keep doing it blindly and fail.

Apart from above reasons, here are few more things which we mismanage in starting.

  1. No Consistency : At initial level, new bloggers don’t keep them consistent that’s why they get not so good result.
  2. Poor team & work manage : New blogger tries to do everything in short period of time without any proper plans, hence again a failure.
  3. Have no patience: New bloggers start expecting a positive result from the first day of blogging which later lead to a break of expectation.

Tips and Suggestion for them:

  1. Be Consistent: Try updated your blogging daily, weekly or monthly, but update it after regular interval of time.
  2. Welcome failure : There in no shame in accepting our mistake. Receive, analyze and improve your mistakes
  3. Keep experimenting : Experimenting will help you in understanding new factors of success.
  4. Make authority : Try to make yourself as authority. Trust me it will help you a lot. (“Backlinks are like your bank statements, try to have as many as you can” – Dilip Sharma)
  5. Try ! Try ! Try : Don’t lose hope too early, future success is waiting for you. Keep Trying, keep learning. There is no place for quitters in blogging.

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21. Fahad



The number first reason for the failing of new bloggers is the lack of passion towards blogging. They join blogging just for earning some money not for helping others. As you know blogging is such a field that if you help others then we are also helped by others and if we just focus on making more and more money then we can’t establish an authority blog.

Another second reason for the failing of new bloggers is the disapproval of AdSense. I know the heat of being disapproved from AdSense and can also feel that head till now.

The third reason for being failing is that new blogger doesn’t give much time to blogging. They just copy contents from others and paste on their own sites this is the worse reason why new blogger often fail.

The fourth reason is most of the new bloggers are students and I know it is much harder for a student to manage time for his blogging and study too because you need to spend at least 4 hours a day on blogging and student bloggers don’t have much time.

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Final Words:

Wow, what a long round-up but I hope this round up ll help in your new project. Just follow this tips and do what experts said. I hope in future you ‘ll get huge success and people surely visit your blogs for great content.

Just believe in yourself and believe in GOD. Do hard work not search for shortcuts because shortcuts do not give you success. Someone said that do hard work and GOD ‘ll do rest.

Let me know in comments that what you learn to form this roundup I am excited to know.

Happy blogging 🙂

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Muhammad Ahmad says November 25, 2016

Wow, Sharjeel 🙂
They way you presented the round-up is outstanding!
Great to read all of my fellow blogger views.
Thanks for having me!
~ Ahmad
P.S Do have a look at the latest blog post @ meetAhmad [dot] com, would love to see your views there.

Jitendra Dabhi says November 25, 2016

I am new in blogging and i started with no idea what type of content to post and how to find right audience. But some of my blogger friends guide me about blogging and finally my blog on track. But the points here all blogger mention, i keep in mind.

Thanks for the awesome post Malik Sharjeel. Happy Blogging 🙂

Ammar Ashfaq says November 25, 2016

I Recommend all newbies to follow all above suggestions and consider what others have said above.

And Thanks Sharjeel for Mentioning me.

Sumair Hisbani says November 25, 2016

OMG! This is an awesome guide for all the newbies like me. Well presented and all the bloggers who shared their views are very well talented in this field. Thanks Sharjeel for sharing this wonderful roundup post.

Lorraine Reguly says November 25, 2016

Patience is necessary when you’re a blogger.

So is perseverence!

You will not experience “overnight success.”

You have to be willing to work hard… and put in many hours each day!

Your efforts will pay off eventually!

When new bloggers realize this, they will reap MANY rewards… not just earning money!

They will grow their community.
They will make FRIENDS.
They will acquire loyal readers (especially if they are honest and provide value).
They will get backlinks to their awesome content.
They will increase their DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority).
The list of rewards is endless!

Blogging can be an awesome experience. Sure, it is hard work always learning new things, but serious bloggers will know the pros outweigh the cons.

Thanks for including me yet again alongside these wonderful bloggers, Malik Sharheel!

Nikhil Makwana says November 28, 2016

Thanks Malik for sharing this post,

Blogging is a passion by that you can express your feeling. One more thing is Patience, the key to success in the blogging world. Hard work and patience both are important to become a successful blogger in the near future.

Great info that I will share on my social media accounts and recommend to my readers. Thanks, Have a great Day Today!

Paramjot Singh says December 10, 2016

Thanks, Malik for having my two cents in this experts roundup.

You collect informative stuff for newbies. <3 🙂

Zakiullah says December 13, 2016

Really this is very helpful tip’s and informationfrom the experts (all-together in single post) for all bloggers

Philip V Ariel says January 5, 2017

Hello Sharjeel
Good to read this wonderful roundup post
There are lot of informative tips the participants shared which is worth notable
Yes, the short cut method will not help in blogging. As you said hard work along with the God’s Grace is the important factor one need to note here.
I liked very much your concluding part.
I appreciate it
Keep going
All good wishes
Talk soon
~ Philip

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