Top Teenage Bloggers From Pakistan (Future Blogging Tycoons)

Top Teenage Bloggers From Pakistan

My Country Flag (Salute)

Pakistan is full of talented peoples,kids,and teens. In these days teens of Pakistan is vert active on the internet most of them in Socials but there is another world on the internet where teens spend their time to communicate with others called blogging.

Blogging is becoming Habit day by day, especially in teenagers. In my previous post, I mention top 5 bloggers from Pakistan you can read here (Top 5 Popular Bloggers). But they are adults and have much experience in blogging. But don’t worry adults now teenagers took a step in blogging.

In past making blog is very difficult but not now many companies like WordPress or blogger make many new changes. Now 12yrs old kid can make blogs.  I write One post about (how you can make a blog on blogger). Don’t worry I am writing a post about WordPress you ‘ll get the update here.

Update I published: How To Create A Self Hosted WordPress Blog (Step by Step)

In This post, i am going to mention top teenage bloggers from Pakistan Not so teen one or two are adults now but they start blogging When they are teens. They get attention in very low time.  And you ‘ll see them as a top bloggers tycoons from Pakistan soon.

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Top 10 Teenage Bloggers From Pakistan (Future Blogging Tycoons)

1: Abdul Samad Essani

Abdul Samad Essani

Abdul Samad Essani (Avatar)

Very First is Abdul Samad Essani 17-year-old guy and currently Founder of (Born blogger). Samad is from Karachi Pakistan. Awesome personality and kind guy. He starts his blogging career with blogger platform but now he is in WordPress. In very short time he gets huge success.  Today he is writing 5k words once a week on his blog and many appreciated him for this like top bloggers. (Muhammad Mustafa Ahmadzai) (Abdul Wali) These are mention in my previous post (Top 5 Popular Bloggers ).  In Future note my words you ‘ll see this guy everywhere like Neil Patel. 🙂

2: Syed Faizan Ali

Syed Faizan Ali

Syed Faizan Ali

Syed Faizan Ali is the founder of MyBloggerLab and Templateism. He is 21 years old according to his blog. He started Blogging when he was just 16 years old. If you are in blogger I hope you visit his blogs for tutorials and templates. He has been in this field for around five years now and still calls himself as a beginner. He also loves gaming and sport.

3: Ammar Ali

Ammar Ali

Ammar Ali

He is Ammar Ali Founder of (Allbloggingtips). This guy is no doubt a genius. He is now 21 but I can’t stop myself to add him in this post. He is my mentor and inspiration. His success is a good to point for all of them who says that blogging is waste of time. He proves that if you do blogging with Good strategy then no one can stop you to get success. He Becomes very famous in very short time.  And Pakistan is proud of him with is hard work.

4: Abdul Haseeb


Abdul Haseeb is the Founder of Blogging House . Haseeb is a professional blogger, SEO, and a web developer. He is currently living in Lahore Pakistan.

He started his first blog when he was just 11 years old. At that time, he just knew one thing “Google every question that you got”. Means, he learned most stuff on the internet.

Now, Haseeb is 15 years old and he is having a few blogs. His favorite niches are Blogging and SEO because he loves to learn and teach.

He started his blog “StartBlogHelp” for beginners. The homepage of this site contains a guide to 8,000 words on the topic “How to start a blog”. I recommend you to read this guide if you want to start your blog.

Haseeb also published my interview on his blog. He knows the secrets of choosing a web hosting. This guy helps me a lot for choosing good hosting for my blogs,Theme development and much more. I Must say he is very good in theme development or I can say he is the gem of WordPress.

5: Ammar Pervez


Ammar Pervez is a 17 years old entrepreneur from Multan. Ammar  is the youngest instructor on udemy teaching 5 top rated courses on udemy to over 5000 students. He is currently running some affiliate site along with an SEO agency known as “Social Snipper“. He has proved to be very successful in providing his client with the best solution.

6: Muhammad Abid

Muhammad Abid

Muhammad Abid

Mohammad Abid Founder of BiDNetwork. His age is 18. Mohammad Abid is a Web Developer, Android Apps Developer, and a Professional Blogger. Abid started Blogging back in 2013 from a Blogger platform as a part-time blogger, and then he stepped in into blogging as a full-time blogger and choose blogging as his profession. Abid is currently running a registered company named as Bid Network, Now a bid has 3 Employees working in his company. Moreover, Abid offers Web Development, Blogging, Android development and SEO services to his clients all around the world. Abid lives in Karachi Pakistan. He is currently running more than 2 successful blogs and making his living online.

7: Muhammad Ahmad

Muhammad Ahmad

Muhammad Ahmad

Muhammad Ahmad is a  16 Year old blogger from Khanpur Pakistan. He started his blogging journey in 2011 with free Blogger blogs. Later, he started many other blogs and then he entered into freelancing. In freelancing, he got success as a Fiverr seller! Right now, he is doing Pre-engineering while running a blog MeetAhmad.

8: Shakir Hassan:

Shakir Hassan (Prisma Avatar)

Shakir Hassan Founder of Bloggingmotive, best known as one of the youngest Entrepreneurs from Pakistan – He is 15 now. He nearly four thousand Twitter followers.He started blogging at the age of 12 – when he was in Class 6 (School), after get motivated by one of the Pakistani Bloggers called Syed Balkhi.
At the very present moment, He is providing SEO Services, In a nutshell: He is a  freelancer, (Not a Blogger.)
Soon he is going to  create His blog, where He only share one article a month of 5K+ Words or even more, and  I am  sure those contents rock the crowd.

You Can Contact Shakir Through Twitter Or Facebook

9: Own Abbas


Own Abbas He is  an American Pakistani. And my best online buddy. He belongs to Sheikhupura the city of Punjab but currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts, America . Student of Bachelors of Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts and Doing Diploma of Trade & Trust Building from Harvard university. He is blogging from last 2 Years. He founded 4 Blogs named as ” Ownabbas , MaxBouncy, SeoSoftwareSnow & Bostography ” The very first blog is fully developed while still working on other blogs. Other than that, He is Photographer, Graphic Editor, freelancer, Consultant and involved in many other Extra Curricular Activities. He becomes Google+ Verified and Youtube Verified at the age of 19.

I already took is interview you can (Read Here)

10: Ali Haider

This is Ali Haider. He is truly a genius guy. I met him on Facebook and I want to say that he has the incredible skills of blogging. He founded blog name Blogrex where he shares awesome and valuable tricks and tips for newbies. In the age of 16, he can develop themes and blogger templates. Truly an amazing guy.

You can read his interview. (Click here)


Malik Sharjeel (Me) 🙂

Yup, This is me well I am not saying that I am good but I see that I am growing with the help of this blog. My full name is Malik Sharjeel Tahir. I am from Lahore Pakistan and currently I am 22 years old. I start Blogging in the age of 17 as a health blogger. Well, that blog also growing  I thought I should start another blog where I post about my blogging experience,Interviews etc. In Very few months my blog grows like a Bomb :D.

Well in future I am also going to take a step in freelancing and many other projects is also pending. I am seeing my future is bright and this is the thing which motivates me to keep blogging.

Finals Words:

So this is the list of teenage bloggers from Pakistan I know. Well, i ‘ll update this list with more bloggers soon. I know some of the bloggers are adult Now but they start when they are teens and I can’t stop myself to feature them in my post.

Hope you like this post well I am proud to say that I am from Pakistan and like them,  I am the future of Pakistan. I must say that in our country not only adults kids, the teen also growing and making our Pakistan proud in others countries.

Keep Blogging and Stay Blessed 

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Muhammad Ahmad says October 14, 2016

Hi Sharjeel bro,
I can’t thank you enough for featuring me here with some of my friends 🙂
You gave us the title of “Future Tycoons” and Insha Allah we’re going to be.
Thanks a ton <3
~ Ahmad

    Guest Blogger says October 17, 2016

    Hi Ahmad I dont need any thanks because i am feeling proud that i feature you and you deserve.

Nauman Rehmat says October 14, 2016

Awsome ! I want to be one of them 🙂

Asim Khan says October 14, 2016

Nice Information.

Abdul Samad says October 14, 2016

Hello Sharjeel,

I must say that I’m nothing just a grain of sand!

I really small man who doesn’t deserve these kind of high words!

Jazak’Allah for this buddy, I really nothing.

This is the Allah who gave me this much respect!

Insha’Allah I’ll make my own identity soon! 🙂

    Guest Blogger says October 17, 2016

    Great Words Abdul Samad And that’s why i mention you in top of the list your words always motivate me.

Nadeem Ahmed says October 14, 2016

Amazing article. Thanks so much sharing. I’m sure all the bloggers mentioned in the list will touch more new heights.

Satya says October 14, 2016

Good one, glad to see some friends here.

Sai Kiran says October 14, 2016

Nice write up on the bloggers from Pakistan. well i wish all the bloggers a kick starting year ahead. I’m also planning to write article on the same point. well if possible need some push up form your side.

Abdul Haseeb says October 14, 2016


First of all, thanks for featuring me in your roundup. Feeling glad to have listed with PROs even I am not 😀

In Pakistan, there are many awesome youngsters who are having the courage to do more. At every step of this country, you will find talented people. Usually, they are hidden or not much shown.

You did an excellent job of posting roundups on your blog. Your blog is improving day by day. Sharjeel you have progressed much faster. You can do even more. I can see that your blogging future will be much brighter.

It’s awesome to read fellow bloggers’ stories 🙂

I wish best of luck to all participants of this roundup, especially Abdul Samad Essani and Syed Faizan. You both are inspiration for me 🙂

Thanks again for featuring me.


    Guest Blogger says October 17, 2016

    Hi Haseeb thanks for your kind words and its nice to see you in my blog again. And you deserve brother and i hope your future blogging is more good and you get more success.

Adeel Sami says October 14, 2016

All of them are SUPERB in their fields!

And I know almost half of them! 🙂

Good to see great young minds rocking the blogging world! And I so wish them a very good luck for their future!

~ Adeel

Shakir Hassan says October 14, 2016

Hi Sharjeel bro,
Thank you for considering us in your blog post.
Posts from the peoples like you motivate us to do even more.
Thanks for combining all your tough effort, and create this MOTIVATIONAL post for us all.

Asad Niazi says October 15, 2016

MA SHA ALLAH such a great talent from Pakistani especially in blogging and SEO. You guys are our shining stars and no doubt this blog is an awesome place to mentions theses gurus.

Nikita Agarwal says October 15, 2016

Hey, Sharjeel!
You are going on right path!!
Happy to saw some teenage Pak bloggers. Thanks for sharing this post! But I think you forget Ali Haider, he also deserves to feature on this post!!

gaurav belwal says October 15, 2016

great, you guys are really doing great. and CPC is also high. Tell me about Event blogging status here in Pakistan. happy to work with you guys. You can reach me through facebook .

Lorraine Reguly says November 19, 2016

I am a blogger and have connected with many bloggers all over the world.

More than half of the bloggers listed here are my Facebook friends!

I am surprised at the young ages of these bloggers. I started blogging in 2013. I am in my 40s, and have made a good name for myself online since then, in both the blogging field and the freelancing one. My main site is called Wording Well.

I am so impressed with the achievements of these guys. The internet is an amazing tool and proves that anyone can learn to do anything if you are willing to work for it.

I have a new respect for these guys now.

Pakistan must be proud of all these teens and young adults!

I know I am!

Sumair Hisbani says November 24, 2016

Not surprised by reading this article. Some of them are my Facebook friends (Including Malik Sharjeel!) and remaining are very well known in the community.

Own Abbas says November 26, 2016

Thanks Again for listing me again on your blog. I wish you a very successful future

Itender Rawat says December 9, 2016

Nice post keep going

Luqman says December 18, 2016

Me??? Not Looking Here Among Teenagers 🙁 Ok Next time .. Hmmmmm

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