Top List of Recommended WordPress Plugins for Every WordPress Blog

WordPress Plugins work like the backbone of an Every blog. If You do not choose good plugins then you are wasting your time for getting success in with your WordPress blog. WordPress plugin dictionary is full of every plugin but some good  and some bad work with your blog and can damage your WordPress Blog.

So today I ‘ll tell you some best and recommended plugins used by me in this blog. These plugins work like a charm and give you good results.

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Top List of Recommended WordPress Plugins for Your Blog


Seo Stand for (Search Engine Optimization). You have to optimize your blog for search engines. There are many plugins out their use for this purpose but only two are going awesome.

(1) Yoast Seo WordPress Plugin(Free):


(2)All in one Seo Pack WordPress Plugin(Free): 

Image Compression:

You need to compress images before upload to your site because without compress these images grab more space and can damage your site speed. And you know google take blog speed as a ranking factor.

Wp Smush WordPress Plugin (Free): 


If you run a WordPress site, excessive load times can limit your traffic, lower your Google search rank and lessen your website’s overall potential. However, a free or low-cost caching plugin can easily prevent this lag and the problems that accompany it. What’s more, they don’t have to be a hassle to set up and they’ll make visitors more likely to stay on your site.

There are two best plugins for this purpose.

(1) Wp Super Cache WordPress Plugin (Free):


(2) W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin (Free)

Broken Links Checker:

No one like broken links on his site and also this make the bad impression on your blog visitors. So you have to maintain your links. For this purpose use this plugin. This plugin can notify you about broken links and also give you many options to fix them.

Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin (Free):


Want to create a contact form on your blog. With the help of contact form, visitors can contact for anything like for feedback or they are facing any problem. Use Below mention plugin for make an awesome contact form page for your blog.

Contact form 7 WordPress Plugin (Free):

Email Marketing:

One of the most important of any blog is their subscribers. Subscribers love you and want every update from you. Want peoples to subscribe your blog then you can send them offers,updates then make an attractive form for them where they love to insert their emails and subscribe you. Below plugin is the best option

Bloom Plugin WordPress Plugin (Paid):

Content Builder:

Content builder is use for make pages like webinar,Sales,Etc with options like drag and drop. I use thrive leads which awesome content builder loaded with alot of already templates for making page. Below is the plugin link

 Thrive Leads WordPress Plugin (Paid):

Link Clocking:

Want to make your affiliate links look beautiful without any other name like id (ex: Below plugin helps you to cloak your links into your domain link like mine is

Thirsty Affiliates WordPress Plugin (Free):


Stop wasting your time to embed youtube or Vimeo codes then paste in your site then edit them etc etc. Below plugin contain many shortcodes for this like just click on youtube search video and past shortcode in your post. This plugin also contains many others tools to like tabs etc.

Ultimate Shortcodes Plugin (Free):

Header And Footer Inserter:

Don’t want to make your hand dirty with codes and don’t want to confuse like in codes header or footer code file. So Use Below Plugin for this purpose. With the help of this plugin, you can easily put codes in your header or footer. Like tracking code etc.

Header And Footer Inserter Plugin (Free):

Limit Logins;

I hope you don’t your site to hacked or compromised. Hacker you many software to attack your site with brutal force. What is brutal Force: 

Brute force (also known as brute force cracking) is a trial and error method used by application programs to decode encrypted data such as passwords or Data Encryption Standard (DES) keys, through exhaustive effort (using brute force) rather than employing intellectual strategies.

With the help of below plugin, you can limit your logins attempts and hackers cannot guess your password. Recommended:  Use strong passwords.

Limit Logins Plugin (Free);


Final Words:

That it guys these are plugins  recommended by me and also a lot of other experts also. Some of the plugins I am using in this time in this blog. These are you can say must have plugins for your blog.

If I add more plugins then don’t worry I ‘ll update this post and also update you. So do subscribe my blog for updates.


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