Recommended Settings For Blogger Blog (Let’s Setup Blogger Blog)

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Let’s Start our first tutorial Blog Post.

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Recommended Settings For Blogger Blog

I see many experts recommend WordPress for blogging even I recommend WordPress but I know many cannot afford WordPress hosting fees. Not know how to set WordPress like installing WordPress in hosting panel etc.

Then they go to is also an awesome platform.  Easy to use and so on Cant explain in one post. But you all know if you are a Pakistani blogger you know very well about brothers (Muhammad Mustafa Ahmadzai From (Hassam Ahmad Awan from (Syed Faizan Ali from all using blogger platform for their blog and you know very well that they are one of the top blogger’s forms Pakistan. So I Must say when you set your mind to achieve your goal No one can stop you from this.

I see many bloggers who make blog in blogger blog but don’t know how to set soo this post for them 😀


You all know the first step. Got to and sign in with your google account. and Click on a new blog then create the blog. You only need to give Name and title for URL. But many not know about settings so keep learning :DD 

After creating blog many bloggers start publishing in my experience first do all settings then start blogging.


  1. Now on menu click settings and click Basic.
  2. Now edit your description (Max 500 Words) for your blog (Most important) For every blog. 
  3. This ill also increases your traffic from search engines.
  4. Also, see that is your blog visible in search engines.
  5. Save it.


After step two there is another step where you need to add the description.
  1. Click settings then click search preferences.
  2. Now on top add the description(150 max words) for search engine search results.
  3. This is the help google bot for know that what is your site about.
  4. Save it.


For every blog, robot.txt is very important. Robot.txt Tell search engines that what need to index and what not.
For this 
  1. Again settings and click Search preferences.
  2. then click robot.txt and enable it.
  3. Add below code and-and don’t forget to change URL with yours 😀
  4. Save it.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Five: (Final step)

  1. Click settings and click Custom robots header tags.
  2. And set like below image.
  3. save it

Final Words:

After you done all settings then you can see that your blog getting more traffic and your rankings go up.
I ll also write  about SEO for blogger blog post soon  soo stay tuned.
This took 3 days to write this post so please appreciate my work and share with world 😀
If you face any problem feel free to comment on below comment section i ll do my best to answer all.
Thanks :DD

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