How to Increase Blog Traffic in Easy and Proven Methods

Are you going to quit blogging because you are not getting traffic(Visitors) to your blog? I know because I also struggle with this problem. Okay, you are in the right place. Here I ll try my best to mention best and proven methods to increase your blog traffic.

Don’t delete your blog Without trying these methods. This is the first step because experienced by me you ll cry for this act. Blogging is the long term process you have to work hard and be patient to get success. Give at least six months to your blog then decide what you were going to do Next.

1. Good Content: 

If you are using duplicate content, then I am sorry to say that you are wasting your most important time in blogging. Because Google is becoming smarter day by day. Let me explain What happen if you write 6000 words post and someone come and just selects all and copies all things and does some modifications and paste in his blog. I know you are full in anger. But don’t worry Google recently attach google panda in his algorithm. So Panda ll penalizes his blog, and soon Google ll delete his blog from search Results.

So Always write unique and attractive content. Okay, I ll give you a tip. Write content in which you are best like food, Google traveling there are much more subjects available. Don’t be like other be you and unique.

  1. Don’t copy
  2. Write unique then it’s my prGoogleincrease your traffic.
  3. Google love new things for his search results.
  4. Done.

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2. SEO: What is SEO:

SEO Stands for (search engine optimization). You have to optimize your blog for search engines like use attractive titles, description, and keywords. Ok Its long thing to learn so that,s why i am going to refer you to my friend awesome guide. Where he mention all things which you need to learn in SEO. Here is the awesome guide  (THE DEFINITIVE SEO GUIDE – NEVER SEEN BEFORE!) and i must say (ABDUL SAMAD ESSANI) write all and deep things regarding seo.

3. Guest Posting:

Okay what is guest posting. Guest posting means you have to write posts for others authority blogs and they ll give you one or two (Do follow) links back to your blog. So in this way you ll get traffic from there blog to your blog. And also some of link juice to increase your Blog rank.

How to select blogs to guest Post:

  • Search Blogs related to your niche.

Check them if they are good like check article. Like in my case i search in google (Quality blogging types blogs) for guest posting and i select first 3 blogs and then i check Blogs rankings, Writing styles, or what link they give do follow or no follow. Nofollow means that link juice not transfer in your blog. So simply  dont post in these blogs which giving no follow links.

  • Contact them through contact page and write your introduction tell them you want to guest post on there blog. Further they ll guide you.

4. Backlinks:

Backlinks is the links coming from other Sites through comments, Guest posts, Or forms. How to make Backlinks: You can make backlinks through commenting on others relevant blogs, Guest Posting, Or dictionary submission.

I have a tip for you which I use.

Follow popular bloggers in Social networks like (Facebook). Whenever they post something then go to the link and read full article then comment on there blogs that what you feel while reading.In this case there is Three benefits for you (1)Your blogging knowledge increase and (2)They ll help you in many things and (3) Visitors ll come to your blog through link in your name or you provide. Dont Spam: Its just a trick dont spam there blogs with nice post, Good post in all posts.

  1. Write comment professionally Not like a newbie.
  2. Always comment with deep thought so other ll follow your comment.
  3. Dont spam.

5. Be Active in social :

Always posts your posts on social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. Okay again one more tip for you. Publish your post professionally like i see many newbies post in social with post title and then link. I recommended you to write at least one paragraph in which tell that what you ll learn in this post etc. Peoples surely attract in your post and visit your post. And your traffic from social ll increase.

6. Participate in communities:

Always be a part of communities like google communities. In communities you can connect with others bloggers and share your knowledge like share your post and help the communities. I see communities With million Members so if they like your post according to their rules then think million or thousands ll definitely visit your blog and your traffic ll increase.

7. Advertise:

The very final option is Advertise your blog. You can advertise your blog through google ad words,Facebook Ads, And blogs advertisements. This ll help you to increase your blog traffic.


So I hope with these steps your blog traffic ll increase and you ll now not going to delete your blog. Try These methods at least 6 Months. You ll see your Blog ll rise again with new power.

Never Give up I am again saying blogging is a long term process. There is no short way to increase your Blog traffic you have to hard work and be patient.

Best if luck with your blog and if ll get more ways to increase blog traffic. I ll update this post with more ways.


Happy blogging

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