Female Bloggers Problems in Blogging (Round Up Post)

Hi, Readers Welcome to my third roundup post. This round is very special for my female bloggers’ readers.

Because this Roundup is especially for Female bloggers life that what problems they face when they get into blogging.

Female’s in every country or you can say every religion have to make some privacy from others but when you get into blogging or other social life then you have to disclose your privacy.

So I connect some of my female’s bloggers friends and ask this Question.

I hope with this round up you ‘ll get some motivation and help that with blogging you can achieve everything.

Thanks and enjoy 🙂

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Female Bloggers Problems in Blogging

1. Nirmala | Wpglossy

Balancing blogging with the rest of my life is really exhausting!

  1. The very first thing is, I do face a lot of distractions with household works. As there is no work atmosphere, sometimes I feel bored and hit by bloggers block. It is really hard for me to work lonely as I would like to perform the tasks in the office environment with the group of like-minded people.
  2. It is a big job for me to explain the blogging related tasks to the family members like”What is Blogging, How much efforts do I need to take, the importance of networking with other bloggers, keyword research, brainstorming the ideas, link building and so on.” If I try to explain the things, it would lead to unessential arguments.
  3. As I work from home and need to manage my family, I am unable to follow the exact working schedule (like office hours). Whenever I get time, I come online and work. Even though I have an efficient to-do list to accomplish the writing and blogging chores, sometimes I miss the working consistency.

However, I have a great passion for blog & write and hence I’m handling my time concerns in a better way and taking the time out for blogging.

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2. Lorraine Reguly | Wordingwell

Lorraine Reguly

I have not faced any problems. 🙂 I am a very open and honest person. I have many skills. I am a teacher, an author, a blogger, somewhat of an SEO expert (I have many posts that rank on the first page of Google), and I freelance write and edit on the side. I also help others become authors.

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3. Manidipa Bhaumik | Wpblogging360

Manidipa Bhaumik

As women bloggers, many of us face challenges on a regular basis. The main one lies in the understanding of others. As I work from home, many people think that, it’s very easy, as I could manage the family and earning some good bucks in my extra time.

But the fact is, I have to work almost 24/7 to keep things in place. When you are at home, you can’t skip the household chores that everyone expects from a woman. However, it hampers your regular blogging plans a lot.

Having a fixed blogging routine may help us a lot and gradually people will also understand that it’s not a part-time hobby, rather a full-time profession, where you are fulfilling your aspiration and making some serious money.

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4. Erika Mohssen – Beyk | Erika Mohssen – Beyk

Hi, Sharjeel Tahir, thank you for inviting me to this round up I have to say, asI have no problem with a women blogger. The only problem may be that my family does not think it is serious. But this is their problem.
I am sure there are some ladies who have problems, but I think this has not only to do with blogging, maybe more with tradition? In my opinion people of the world are getting closer and learn to know more about traditions of other nations. It only can be good also for women bloggers.We have to accept each other the way we are and it only can be better in the future. What counts is that we are all human beings with a passion.

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5. Shiwangi shrivastava | Pensitdown

Blogging is the celebration for me and it translates my life into refreshing inspiration. But it is also true, behind the scene we women encounter plenty of issues like adjusting the family life and professional life.

Being a backbone I need to handle both personal and professional life with equal devotion. It is no way strange feeling if I keep the pace with life rather focusing on common problems. Sometimes feeling helpless or situation out of hand while a sometimes lot of pampering and motivation. I just know to move on and do not consider a problem is problematic at all.

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Final Words:

This is one of awesome roundup post in my blog and I am especially thankful to all of my female blogger’s friends for their valuable time for this roundup post. Another thing I want to say that female’s bloggers can achieve what they want so we are not authorized to tell them that you can,t achieve anything.


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Erika Mohssen-Beyk says January 4, 2017

Hi Sharjeel Tahir,
I think you did a very good work getting the voice of the female bloggers out.
I can see that it is really needed to look at it and I like what the ladies tell about
their work. Like everything in our time it needs to be more recognized what
these ladies do and we need balance. All of the female bloggers are like pioneers
moving forward and find the right way to combine their scores as a wife and
some as a mother and the world wide web. I know some doing awesome despite
all the obstacles and distractions of a housewife.
Thank you very much for thinking of the female bloggers and their problems.

Philip V Ariel says January 5, 2017

Hello Sharjeel,
I am here today via the fb notification of Erika,
Thanks Erika for the shout out.
Sharjeel, this is really an interesting and informative piece, good to know about the common trouble our female bloggers face in their daily walk with blogging!
You collected the info from these wonderful personalities and presented it well
Keep going
May you all have a wonderful and profitable time of blogging ahead.
Best Regards
~ Philip

Lorraine Reguly says January 5, 2017

Hi. Thanks for including me in this.

I think you should add to this post. Perhaps you can include some of the problems you think female bloggers might have that male bloggers would not or do not have. Things like bearing the responsibility for certain household chores, raising children (doing “mom” stuff), caring for a newborn baby, managing a household and having to do things like grocery shopping, laundry, dishes, dusting, etc. If there is no help from others (children or husband), then being a female blogger on top of doing all of these things certainly makes life harder because the demands on one’s time is greatly increased.

This is when having a good work-life balance comes into play. It’s super important to have such a balance.

Maybe you can even mention this as part of the solution to overcoming such problems — by increasing productivity and decreasing stress. There is a fantastic post on Wording Well about this — http://wordingwell.com/how-to-find-a-good-work-life-balance/

NISHAD NIZAR says January 6, 2017

Hello Sharjeel,
Today am here via the FB notification of Shiwangi Shrivastava.This will be a great article giving the idea bout problems of female bloggers.Also, i get some female bloggers into my friend list.
Nishad Nizar

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