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Hi, all Hope all good so you want to start a blog. Okay, i know you need tips to create a professional Blog. so here I collect best tips for you from 15+ Experts from worldwide. So first read all tips then start your blogging carrier. Enjoy

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(1) Ali Raza | Ali Raza

Thanks Sharjeel for inviting me to the roundup.
My suggestions for the newbies will be short and simple.
Firstly, don’t be greedy in choosing a niche, don’t find what’s hot in the market, instead focus on what you love talking about. The money will come later.
My second suggestion will be to believe in your self and learn from your mistakes. If you learn the art of improving yourself then no one on the earth can stop you from becoming the expert or professional blogger. You just need to open enough to admit your mistakes and learn from them.
and my last suggestion is Consistency. Success is your ultimate destination, remember this but you need to be consistent for your track, forget what the world says, keep on doing the good work, even if your audience is small, don’t lose hope, just keep on, just keep on doing and eventually Allah will reward you with success.

(2) Lorraine Reguly | Wording WellLorraine Reguly

Hi. I’m Lorraine Reguly, from Wording Well, and I wasn’t always viewed as a pro blogger.
I was a newbie when I started blogging in January of 2013.

But, over time, I vamped up my blogging status. I’m now an expert and a pro blogger (in addition to being a freelance blogger for hire).

Want to know how I did it?

  • I did all of the following (and I suggest you do the same if you want to “up” your own blogging status!):
  • Read blogs about blogging.
  • Listened to the advice of the pros.
  • Read blogs about SEO.
  • Implemented what I learned on my own blog.
  • I guest posted. A lot.
  • Realized that learning is a never-ending process. SEO changes constantly. You need to keep up with the trends and new information that is discovered each day.
  • Realized that blogging and learning takes time. You can’t expect to know and do everything all at once!
  • Accepted guest posts on my site.
  • Connected with influencers.
  • Commented on every blog post I read. (I still do… when time permits.)
  • Shared awesome content across all of my social media platforms.
  • Helped other bloggers along the way. I still do. (I even offer coaching/mentoring to help others.)
  • Invested both time and money into my site.
  • I didn’t give up… even when I felt like it.

If you’re a brand-new blogger (or a blogger who is not experiencing much success), I highly suggest reading 5 Things New Bloggers Need to Know.

Then talk to me in the comments with your questions, problems, and issues. I reply to ALL comments!!!

(3) Abdul Haseeb | Blogging House

Thanks Sharjeel for inviting me to this roundup. In fact, I am not an expert or a guru, but however, I would love to share my knowledge with your visitors. Beginners face a lot of problems while starting their blogging career. In these problems: lack of investment, restrictions from family, shortage of time an lack of guidance are most common. Let me clear some of the problems. Many of the bloggers are students or those who don’t have enough time.

First thing, you should have a specific reason why do you want to start blogging? Do you want to make some bucks? Or, do you want to make it as a hobby? And there are thousands of reasons.

Do you know how most people get into blogging? They get to start blogging after:

reading 6-figure income reports of experts

  • Being motivated from any expert
  • Learning that blogging gives you money
  • Knowing that it can be a good hobby

And biggest one is:

“I want to start blogging because I want to make money online”.

Okay! Let me give some tips using my experience (in fact, a little experience that I gained).

First, learn the stuff:

Ask yourself: Do you expect to become a blogger without even learning what is blogging?

First, learn all the basics. Know what actually is the meaning of a blog.

  • Learning does not take the time nor it wastes time. If you spend only 30 minutes daily then you would have a great amount of material in your mind after a few days.
  • Now, another question is usually asked at this point: How to start learning?
  • Well, the answer to this question is simple.
  • Google is the best source. Start searching on Google whatever come to your mind. Like you’re thinking what is blogging, just search on Google.
  • Keep searching. On Google, you can find the answer of every of your toughest question.
  • Join Facebook groups make some blogger friends. Ask them about their blogs and know their working style.
  • How much investment does require?
  • Well, blogging can be even started for free. If you have a passion, then nothing is impossible for you.
  • Web2.0 sites like blogger, WP.COM offers free blogs. You can learn while experiencing there. Well, these free blogs are good for learning purpose for professional blogs.
  • Investment depends on your needs. But, never do investment without learning.
  • Should I join a paid course for blogging?
  • I DON’T recommend! You can find everything on Google. Paid courses are usually expensive and they are not perfect.
  • I have never joined any paid course of blogging.
  • There are millions of tutorials and guides are available on the internet. It takes only 3 seconds to search something on Google.

    I think this is enough for today. I have shared my tips with you. Now, it’s up to you. For starting a blog, I have written 7,000 words long guide. Which you can find here: how to start a blog .I have shared my experience. I am not an expert I’m just a beginner.

    Thanks again Sharjeel for giving me this opportunity.

(4) SY Abuzar| Blogrankseo

Hey,As I am not writing this full blog’s post on this topic where I can discuss all my personal strategies (from first to last). I mean, I have to give you only very important tips here those should be helpful to keep your blogging journey comfortable and easy to achieve success in this blogging industry.

So, always remember one thing that is tips are not only guidelines stories about goods but also, about bad. That means the guidelines of keeping away from mistakes are also a type ‘’tips of success”.

As I respect your precious time and money that you going to spend on your long term blog. So, from start I think keeping you away from mistakes is better than giving you tricks regarding ranking your blog on the Google’s first page. Because there are lots of cheaters those will show you fake screenshots of their revenue in just span of time. And by these kind of things they will try their level best to make you greedy that’s finally good for them. If they succeed in making you greedy for making money like them, then they will offer you their SEO premium courses or tools those makes money but for them not for you.

So, be careful…

P.S.You know it is clear that ” I’m not telling that everybody will cheat you (but mostly do)”.

I Recommend These to do or not:

  • Don’t select blogging as your niche:
  • As you are new to blogging industry you don’t know enough about it. So that, you can’t defeat your competitors easily.
  • If you read anywhere that blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, etc. niches can generate higher money than any other niche then you are completely wrong. Did you know that toys niche bloggers are making 5x more than making money niche bloggers? Yes, Toys business is trillions dollar business.
P.S. You can contact an owner of this blog “Malik Sharjil Tahir” to get help about selecting right niche or for any question by using contact forum. Yeah! You can also contact me.
  • Don’t depend on single income source:
  • UUsually,bloggers really like to adsense as their primary income source but nowadays mobile user increasing more and more. Didn’t you get me! Ok, let me clar it. You may know mostly mobile browsers have “ads blocker script “. It means your adsense ads won’t show.
  • I highly recommend you to use banners ads.

(5) Santanu | Mypassiveincometips

As a beginner it is really difficult to make a mark in blogging world. What I have seen over the years is that people mostly discover blogging while looking for various money making opportunities online. But due to lack of patience and lack of knowledge, most of them fail to find any success in blogging.

Recently I was going through a Facebook group of Bloggers where one guy was praying to GOD to rank all his keywords & articles in first page of Google. Is this really so easy?
To get success in blogging one needs to be very patient and a good learner. There are tons of topics which one needs to know to understand how things work related to content writing, search engine ranking, blog monetizing etc.
To stay motivated and learn how other people are living a perfect life with blogging, I always prefer to read bloggers income reports and their interviews. There you will find million dollar tips and real time experiences shared by them which will definitely help a beginner to grow as a good blogger over the period of time.
The entire game of blogging and generating passive income online is all about how much you are aware how things are working and how patiently you can create quality over quantity compared to your competitors.

(6) Imran Jaffery

Thank you Sharjeel for adding my words to your worthy post.

First of all I would recommend the beginners that please read the entire post carefully because it contains a worthy material as here is lots of fruitful information which is provided by SEO experts mentioned in this article, that could change your thoughts about SEO and would definitely increase traffic on your website and generate maximum revenue if you understand and implement all these tips properly.

What you need when you are at the beginner level in SEO?

  • Personal Interest
  • Patience/Hard Work/Focus
  • Steps in SEO

Personal Interest:

This category portray your own mind set, I mean what field you love most and you have more interest. For example, if you are interested and fond of mobiles, then start with a topic concerning information about mobile. I swear, you won’t be disappointed. If you love to do with technology, then go for it, you will be surprised that how good you are going.

Patience/Hard Work/Focus:

Mark my words, SEO is not a piece of cake. It takes too much hard work to succeeed. Be focused and do as much hard work as you can. You need to work days and nights, which is the best experience you will get and you will only know the worth of this experience when you will be a successful SEO expert. Patience is the basic need, I must say. You can not become successful in SEO field until you don’t Waite and don’t have patience.

Steps in SEO:

Now days, SEO is totally changed after 2012 when Google changed it’s algorithm. Most of the beginners have perception that article is content. It’s totally wrong. In SEO, content and article, both are different things. Make your content a class. In article writing, you must focus on quality rather you prefer quantity.

  • Only prefer White Hat SEO, don’t follow tricks.
  • Give an attractive meta title to your content that match with searching keyword. Meta Title of your content plays an important role in attracting the traffic or user.
  • You must contain a matching slug (URL) of content with the keyword.
  • The beginner must know the worth and value of Google+ (google plus). Google+ gives too much exposure and boost to your website in ranking.
  • Social Signals including Google+ are too much important to rank your website, get as many as you can.

SEO is a vast field that includes too many things, but I have given tips only for beginners. There are lots of SEO tips, but these are important tips for people who are at beginner level in SEO. Get some experience by ranking website and keep on testing different things in SEO as well

(7) Pawan Diwakar | Bloggingnuts

  • Consistently is the simplest formula for the blogger for getting success, most of the blogger tends to forget this.
  • It is hard to build traffic but without consistency, it is much easier to lose it, so make sure you consistently blog.
  • Most of the bloggers think they know something secret formulas. It is nothing like that.
  • Whatever you know to share it. This makes visitors come again and again to get the secret.
  • There are many bloggers who have intense knowledge but in fear of giving away the “secrets sauce” they hold it back.
  • My message to them is “In 21 century there is no secret, everyone gets it on the Internet”. But if you share the knowledge visitors will love and recommend your blogs to others too.

“Word of a mouth is free advertisement service”

Let me tell you one thing. If you want people to spend time on your blog then you must 300-word piece is just a waste of time and energy. Focus on creating quality content, something that comes to the use of others. Your language should be simple and conversational.

Search Engine doesn’t like short articles because long articles are in depth. If you have less content be prepared to face less organic traffic.

(8) Own Abbas | Own Abbas

I am thankful to Malik sharjeel Thir for personally inviting me to share my Blogging tips toyou people. this is the matter of respect so Thanks. Sharjeel First of all.

— So let’s start with the name of Allah Almighty. Guys today I’m here to tell you about how you can become a successful blogger and which strategies you can use while your blogging career.

How To Become Successful In Blogging?
Although everyone thinks that he is better than all others but this is just an ego. No doubt that everyone has some extra skills which others don’t have but the satisfactions leads us towards failure.

Success finds quality in a person and then its come. You must be a learner throughout your career because only a learner can learn more than anyone.

Never take your blogging career lightly, because this ignorance can create problems in future and at that time it would be hard to recover.

As all of you know that content is the king of Blogging so make self writing as your hobby and passion. Self writing will not only helps you in making your own content but this will also helps you in making handsome Amount of money by offering your writing skills.

  • Never Think about earning, always try to learn something new and you will see that this will automatically offer you huge amount of money after some time.
  • Never become fully dependent on someone because no one can bear to see someone in front of him in the race of success.
  • Make habit of searching and always try to search something and believe me this will help you in blogging career.
  • Never search for Professional templates for your blog, always select a simple one and then customize it even if you are new to Coding. Your these fails will leads you towards success and you will have the pure coding knowledge of HTML.
  • Never try to copy someones content, because google never demands attractive content, it always asks to have self created content and new content which should not be on internet before and these type of self created contents increase your chances to get a higher ranking in google.

Tips To Follow While Blogging.

  • Use an easy and short domain name which can be remembered by a new user so that he can visit next time.
  • Update your blog content daily because features and information are changes daily on the internet.
  • Make your blog template too much attractive because most of the visitors are graphic lovers and it is a natural likeness in every human.
  • Don’t use too many plugins because it can confuse a visitor and can reduce your website load speed.
  • Publish an article daily on your blog or once in two days.

1 Article is Giving only 50 Views daily? Its sad.. What if you spent 1 year of hard work on your blog by writing articles ? I know its hard but do you know then you will be having 350+ Articles on your blog? wow..

Do you know how much traffic you will get then? 365 x 50 = 18250 Views Per day.

  • Always check mistakes in your post content.
  • Add ALT & Description Tags to your images because images also play a vital roll in ranking your post in a google search.
  • Use the Facebook Comment box below your posts.
  • Do keyword research before writing a post e.g Google Keyword Planner.
  • Add meta tags into your template HTML below the head and edit it with your description,keywords, and other fields.
  • Add Robot.txts to index your posts automatically.
  • Submit your Blog to Google, Bing & Yahoo.
  • Create Your Blog Sitemap.
  • Don’t use too many Ads on your blog.
  • Always use internal links in new posts related to previous.
  • Comment on other blogs once in two days but your comments must be informative and in this way your backlinks increases.
  • Remove nonactive widgets from the template by removing their code.
  • Create social accounts and connect your blog with them.

There are much more tips but these were the initial and most useful tips i have given. If you want any type of information then you can contact me anytime. Just trust yourself and never loose hope. Believe in Patience and one day you will thanks me.

(9) Ravinder Dande | Blogail

When I was Newbie in the blogosphere I had lot of common question which I hear and get in message from the newbies bloggers. That’s very common question and many professional explained same in very clear manner that anyone could easily understand it.

However, most of the newbie still ask the same question because they tried putting information on use and failed then left doing same. That’s biggest mistake Bloggers do when they quite very early without testing every provided method by professional bloggers several time.

Just like Money does not come easy so is a concept of traffic. Every newbie want traffic on their blog just after starting from very first day. But They should understand that to derive traffic they need to understand the concept of SEO. How do SEO works ?

How do SEO works ?

If Say it clearly then it is Search engine optimization that is very broad term if understood then you can derive hell lot of traffic and if misunderstood they get ready for another question How to derive Traffic ?

I can say that SEO is easy but SEO is easy when you experiment with every element of SEO. Although there are some common SEO Tips which often works if you do in a proper way. So let’s understand what’s is that tips

  • Write article above 500+ words Check out why Words matters.
  • Do not forget to drop keywords in H1,H2 and H3 tag. Check Out Why header tag is important .
  • Add Main keywords in first/last 50-100 words. I said the main keyword, not a whole phrase or line. Read in detail Why should dropping keywords are important in first and last phrases.

How to derive Traffic ?

This is a most asked question from Newbies that what is secret behind getting huge traffic. So, Guys, there is no secret If there was any then no one could hide the truth from you smart people.

What You need to do is follow the SEO and then let Google index your blog post in top SERP according to work done by you. It’s as simple as that.

Once You publish your blog post then You can also take help of powerful blogging weapon that is Marketing in which You need to master yourself if want to double the traffic of your blog.

What Can You do after leaving this post ?

  • Do keyword research for a relevant topic with low competition as per your blog stats.
  • Then look for who else already wrote the same topic what they left.
  • Once you got everything and you think that you can add more value to the topic then Go for it. Now Head to Social Platform for sharing it with the right audience. I said target audience not with those who do not need.
  • You’re done, If needed then try guest post on relevant blog for deriving traffic. Only relevant blog can boost your blog traffic because relevant blog has very much similar topic like yours and its what help you getting good readers.

My Last Words: Do not lose hope, Start working smart not hard to reach your goal. Do hell lot of mistake its what make your concept of SEO clearer than anything. If You follow what I shared then I do not think you will again ask How ?

So keep learning & blogging.

(10) Anmol Singhi | AnmolSinghi

Howdy readers of this blog. This is your friend and brother Anmol from I will be explaining why you should not follow what is trending around the world while selecting a niche for your blog. You might be mesmerized with the earning of your friend or friend of your friend when he or she posts on social media about their monthly income from a particular niche blog. On the same day, you might have decided to start a blog in the same niche. But wait for a second, have you asked yourself these questions?

  • Why are you following which is already on Google?
  • Do you really have an interest in that particular niche or you just starting by seeing their income reports?
  • Will the same niche go to be trending after one or two years?
  • Can you write continuous content on that particular niche?

These are very basic question one should ask himself before starting a new blog. If you have right answers for these questions then you can go ahead else you have to look again and try to change your niche. Never try to run behind money while starting a blog. Once you have a blog with regular visitors visiting your blog then you can easily monetize it in any way.

There is a myth about blogging that Technology and Health niches are the ones that can give higher returns. Yes, it is true but not only for Technology or Health niches. Any niche in which you are starting your blog can give extra ordinary return you just have to look for the right strategy and smart work. Once you learn how to smart work with dedication then you can easily earn handsome amount for the lifetime.

In last I just want to thanks to my brother and friend Malik Sharjeel Tahir for considering my knowledge shareable with you all. Do comment your views with my name in the comment section.

(11) Manidipa Bhaumik | Wpblogging360

I have started Blogging as an alternate way to my fulltime career, as I needed something flexible to balance my family and career both. However, the reason to continue with it, has surely changed. And one thing I can say about it that, Blogging is awesome. I had my share of ups and downs, but the learning curve it provides, is truly beautiful.

The best part I like about Blogging, is the freedom it gives us. One can work literally from anywhere and at any time. Also, it makes you a better learner and a better thinker too.

The ability to think clearly is the most critical aspect while taking life decisions. And to blog rationally gives you the power. And not to forget about the monetary aspect of blogging It’s the best way to fuel your dreams while living a laptop lifestyle. Now a days, many youngsters are entering into the field. It’s really amazing how they are strategizing and executing those plans to make blogging as a full time career option.

However, not everyone can stick to their plans. The reasons may be many, but the most common one is – lack of patience. Blogging has huge potential, however it’s not a get rich sooner scheme. Frustration is unavoidable, as it may take some significant time to see the results. Being a blogger, one has to learn few critical parts like creating quality content, making them optimized for the search engines, networking with fellow bloggers, social media presence etc. over the period of time.

Following and reading the life story of successful bloggers can be a great motivation, as few years back, they also have started from scratch.

(12) Farhan Azam Memon | Techlostuff

First of all, it’s good to follow your passion and so figuring out the topic by yourself to write about is a really good idea as you’ll have more creative mind. Then focus on content writing because content is what engages more readers towards what you’ve written, depending on how you’ve written it.

Be unique and creative! Now to produce more engaging content, topic of your interests will be great.

For example, if you are passionate about technology, research on it and get connected to it. Then you’ll come up with more great ideas in mind to write about. You’d simply love to write it!

Now if you have a good command over your content-writing, time is to go for Search Engine Optimization as it’ll help you to rank your site in the search engines to get notified by the Billions of people on the internet.

If you won’t focus on that, things might not get into your favor. Why? For example, if you have written about a specific thing (you’ll surely be expecting readers for it) but your SEO is bad then people who’ll search for it will not be able to see your site in the Search Engines Results Page, and that’s an unfortunate, but it’s your mistake to be counted.

Just because you have no command over SEO and your site isn’t ranked, then how people will know the thing which they’ve searched for is available on your blog with great content. So that’s why SEO is required along with your unique and creative content. With good SEO, people might visit your site once for sure, but if it has fantastic content inside, it’ll force them to visit your site again and again. Keeping that in mind, work hard for both content and SEO and then you’ll get outstanding results that’ll make you a successful blogger in future. Thanks!

(13) Mohammad Abid | Techlostuff

Blogging is not an overnight success.. Blogging requires a little hard work but a lot of patience.. So grab this opportunity and work hard with sincerity and patience, blog just to spread knowledge and love. Give more value to Quality Content, You readers, avoid copyright violation and avoid blogging for money only.. Wishing you all Guys a Happy Blogging career Stay blessed and be always happy. Always respect your mentors and never forget your mentors 🙂 One of my favorite Quote on blogging : Blogging isn’t about publishing as much as you can, it’s about publishing as smart as you can.. Thank you 🙂

(14) Ryan Biddulph | Bloggingfromparadise

Know why you’re beginning a blog. Tie that reason to something fun and freeing. You will feel scared, excited, terrified, anxious and worried in the beginning. Feeling this roller coaster of emotions is your blogging tuition. If you blog primarily to have fun and to free yourself you’ll do the uncomfortable things that’ll help you succeed with your blog.

Create helpful content. Connect with blogging leaders in your niche. Solve your reader’s problems. Listen closely to blog comments, social media questions and emails, and answer the problems or questions with your blog posts. Practice spotting pain points. If you know what pains your readers you will have no problems creating an amazingly popular blog post.

I recently published 2 posts on my blog that reached page 1 on Google for the competitive keywords:

“How to submit a guest post”


How to rank on page 1 of Google


I listened to my readers and optimized my posts for SEO, writing in-depth, thorough, helpful resources that my audience wanted me to write. Listen to your readers. Ask questions. Share answers. As a beginning blogger, develop the habit of asking questions, providing answers through your blog posts and you’ll build your blog on a solid foundation.

Learn every single day. Become a sponge for knowledge from your niche. Learn, study, implement and persist. You’ll outdistance other bloggers from your niche because so few folks make a lifelong commitment to learning. I read 30 to 60 minute’s worth of blogging tips posts most days to keep current on my niche. I innovate, implement, test and tweak to stand out from the crowd. One of my biggest beginning blogger mistakes was being resistant to learning. Now I voraciously feast on helpful content and I advise all new bloggers to do the same.

(15) Pritam Datta | Blogmean

I am joyful to write this post for beginners of blogging & internet marketing industry. Create & maintain a successful blog is very time taking & hardworking job. I personally know some persons who just who simply began their blogs but after some days they quieted blogging.

So, if you want to be a just right Blogger then you need to maintain some rules & rules of running a blog industry.

  • Love Blogging: – what is your blog about. It may be WordPress, SEO, Technology, and Cooking or may be anything. But before staring a blog make sure you’re keen on your blog & you could have ample abilities concerning the subject you’ve selected. In case you don’t have ample abilities then you don’t have so much to share along with your readers.
  • Gain enough knowledge: – Before starting a new blog make sure you have gain some knowledge about “How to blogHow to do SEO” “How to do Internet Marketing”. Because without these basic things you cannot stand up on your own feet in this blogging industry.
  • Write genuine article from your own heart: – Always try to write genuine, simple, easy to understand article for your blog readers. It’s going to increase the reputation of your blog.
  • Not enter in the competition: – Try to share extraordinary types of article from all the other bloggers are writing. You should write something for your readers which they actually don’t know & will be useful for them.
  • Be Impressive: – Do not bore your readers. We know one photo says 1000 words. You can make your article impressive by adding suitable photographs, videos, animations, pie charts & many others. These all will add value to your article & will make your readers happy.
  • Be Social: – Never try to ignore your readers’ questions & comments. Your readers are loved to hear from you. You must interact with them on your social media networks, talk over with their blogs & posting an excellent remark, actually helps you to take an extra step toward success.

Final Words:

I hope you learned alot with this awesome post i want to thanks to all who participated in this roundup post.
If you late then no problem submit you guide through the contact us page and I ll update this post don’t worry.
Thanks again

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