About Me And Something About This Blog

malik-sharjeel-tahirAbout Me (Introduction):

Hi, Sharjeel here. My Full Name is Malik Sharjeel Tahir. I am from Lahore Pakistan. Doing Blogging since 3 Years.

I Start my Blogging Career as Health Blogger with Free Blogger platform After getting success day by day I move to WordPress. Now I am WordPress Lover.

About This Blog:

In this Blog, I ‘ll share blog tips,Tutorials,And Interviews. I take interviews of pro bloggers to motivate you to not give up. Because many newbies start Blogs then stop. Because they are not getting success. Blogging is not a short way to make Money as many thinks. You have to struggle if you want to get success.

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How I Start My Blogging Career:

Well Back in 2014, I am in front of my laptop searching about how to earn and then learn a lot about different methods. But I like blogging so’i start learning about blogging like how to make the blog,how to earn with blogs.

Where I Learn About Blogs:

There are many sites where I learn about blogging but below are my favorites.

Onlineustaad.com by Abdul Wali

Mybloggerlab.com by Syed Faizan Ali

Mybloggertricks.com by Mohammad Mustafa Ahmadzai (Recently I take the interview of Mohammad Mustafa Ahmadzai Here is the link)

Wpbeginner.com by Syed Balkhi

My Interviews:

Want to thanks, all of them who take my interview for their readers.

  1. Blogging House Blog: (Interview With Malik Sharjeel Tahir )
  2. OwnAbbas Blog: (Interview With Malik Sharjeel)
  3. Best of Guru Blog: (Chat with Young Dynamic Blogger: Malik Sharjeel Tahir)
  4. Anmol Singhi Blog: (Interview with Sharjeel Tahir: Multitalented blogger from Pakistan)

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